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Clare Who?

I've always been a creative spirit who wishes to help others also create! I have over 37 years of experience teaching art, sewing, embroidery, and quilting and invented a line of products to help you sew more accurately than what your sewing machine provides. I have designed my products for those with visual and physical challenges while also maintaining proper ergonomic features so you can be creative longer without feeling any discomfort. The Creative Feet products can be found on

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Participating with us on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook as well as joining our Facebook Group &  Newsletter can be a bit overwhelming, which has led me to seek a better way of reaching you overall...  and this is it!

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Have you ever watched a video on YouTube only to be taken to another video, losing your way within the project or lesson you wanted to explore? That won't happen here! This private network provides a quiet, single location with my exclusive content.

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There is an abundance of creative content available inside, as well as one-on-one courses and private events with tuition required. 

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